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Top : Food : Meat & Eggs

Abbotsford Produce   Write a Review

Egg products, including organic eggs, and other services.

Alderspring Ranch Grassfed Organic Beef   StarStarStarStarStar   Read Reviews (1)   Write a Review

Alderspring Ranch produces grassfed organic beef on their mountain ranch in central Idaho. Cattle are never confined in a feedlot, and are fed a diet of 100% pasture and home-raised hay. Alderspring is a family operation, supplying beef to natural food stores and patrons in Idaho and Montana. Alderspring is also available by mail order from their website.

American Grass Fed Beef   StarStarStarStarStar   Write a Review

Specializing in USDA dry-aged grass-fed beef, steak and beef jerky. We use natural organic grass farming practices.

Applegate Farms   StarStarStarStarStar   Read Reviews (1)   Write a Review

Applegate Farms is the leading provider of premium quality all natural and organic deli, frozen and dry-cured meats and cheeses. Our livestock are certified humane, raised sustainably on small family farms and receive only vegetarian feed with no animal by-products. Our products are processed naturally without antibiotics, growth hormones, artificial ingredients or chemical preservatives for great tasting products that are free of fillers, nitrates and MSG. Believe in What You Eat.

Aussie Organic Beef   Write a Review

100% Certified Organic Beef from Australia, free ranged on natural Australian pastures, then grain finshed using the finest Organic Grain to produce avery consistant quality Organic product.

Award winning organic meats delivered to your door   Write a Review

Traditionally produced organic beef, organic lamb, and organic pork, delivered straight from the farm to homes throughout the U.K. & Ireland. All our meat is certified by the Soil Association,and, as we use traditional breeds, butchery techniques and recipes,our meat is tender,succulent and flavoursome.

Caw Caw Creek Pastured Pork   Write a Review

Caw Caw Creek raises chemical and cruelty-free pork the old-fashioned. Shipping is available throughout the United States.

Certified Organic Mojo Jerky   StarStarStarStarStar   Write a Review

Mojo Jerky, a fun, yummy smokey southwestern beef jerky, good nutrition, certified organic for good ecology and health. 99% organic ingredients. Delicious! Good source of protein, 97% fat free, low saturated fat, less sodium than top brands. U.S.A. beef raised without antibiotics or added hormones, fed food raised without pesticides or animal by-products. No artificial ingredients or preservatives. Comes in date-stamped pouch with "zip-lock" top. Processed in a family owned facility inspected by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), and certified organic by Oregon Tilth.

Coleman Natural Products   Read Reviews (1)   Write a Review

Coleman Natural Products®, Inc., is the leading U.S. supplier of fresh, branded natural beef from cattle that have never received added hormones or antibiotics.  We are the first national company with natural beef that has an approved U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) label describing our hormone- and antibiotic-free raising practices.  In the United States, most commodity beef comes from cattle which have been given antibiotics and implanted with hormones to accelerate growth and weight gain.  In 1979, Mel Coleman, a fourth generation Colorado rancher and the Company's founder, pioneered the production and marketing of pure and natural beef raised humanely and with respect for the environment.

Daily Blessing Foods   StarStarStarStarStar   Write a Review

We have certified organic beef and lamb grown on certified organic pasture, ( No Grains). Our pork and poultry are also on pasture that is rotated. (No buildings.)They are fed grains that are certified organic.( No GMO feed.) All of our products carry the USDA Seal of Organic. We have been certiifed Organic since 1995. All of our products are nitrate, nitrite and MSG. FREE! You can order 1 pound or 100 pounds of your choice of products.

Dakota Beef LLC   Write a Review

Dakota Beef LLC is the leading certified organic beef company in the country, operating its own certified organic, USDA inspected processing plant in Howard, South Dakota in the heart of cattle country. Dakota Beef finishes its cattle on a proprietary mix of certified organic grains to promote high levels of marbling and ensure consistently flavorful and tender beef.

Damar Farms Organic Red Angus Meat   Write a Review

Famous Steakhouse quality steaks, roast and ground beef made perfect by Mother Nature. 100% certified organic Angus beef. No growth hormones. No antibiotics. No animal by-products. Sold as individual steaks, roasts and ground beef and sides and quarters. Simply the finest beef you'll find.

Diestel Family Turkey Ranch   StarStarStarStarStar   Write a Review

Since 1949 the Diestel Family has been committed to premium quality - bringing you the best, freshest range grown turkeys and turkey products available. The Diestel Family continually maintains control of every operation - from our own feed mill to range growing on our ranch, through processing at our USDA inspected facility, and distribution directly from our ranch to you. In keeping with our family tradition of excellence we introduce – Heidi’s Hens – The certified organic range grown turkey.

Egg Innovations   Write a Review

Egg Innovations is a specialty egg producer. We are a producer of Organic, Vegetarian, Cage Free, and Omega 3 eggs.

Eggology Inc Egg Whites   Write a Review

Eggology was the first to offer organic egg whites to consumers at a time when few knew about the benefits of organically grown food. Organic regimen requires that organic feed be free from pesticides and grown in accordance with organic standards, hens that do not receive hormones or antibiotics, and are cage free. EGGOLOGY... is certified organic with the State of California, the USDA, and organic certifying agency C.C.O.F.

Harmony Organics   Write a Review

At Harmony Organics it’s all about the land, animals, and the people. They believe organic farming is not only ecologically sound but historically and spiritually sound as well.

Harris Acres Farm   StarStarStarStarStar   Write a Review

Family farm located in North Carolina raises grass-finished beef free of pesticides, growth hormones, or chemical fertilizers. We are currently not organic certified, although we practice the USDA standards.

Hills Foods   StarStarStarStarStar   Write a Review

Suppliers of Organic Meats, Game Meats, and Specialty Poultry.

Home Acre Organic Pork   Write a Review

Home Acres offers free-range organic pork for your freezer. Orders now being taken for limited supplies of traditional breed hybrid pork.

Homestead Healthy Foods   StarStarStarStarStar   Write a Review

Their beef and chicken are raised in pastures on natural forage. Both are certified organic by Quality Assurance International. Both are free of any chemical residue. We use no growth hormones, no anti-biotics, no pesticides, no parasiticides, no animal by-products are ever used in our production and or our livestock are never confined in feedlots.

Kiowa Valley Organics, Inc.   Write a Review

Kiowa Valley Organics is a certified organic family farm in Colorado raising 100% organic grass fed beef. We believe that organic together with grass fed makes the best beef you can buy. Best for the animal, the customer and the land.

Langley Chase Organic Farm   Write a Review

Set in the Wiltshire countryside, this small organic farm produces award winning, rare breed Manx Loghtan, organic lamb and delivers direct around the UK.

Malheur River Meats   Write a Review

Malheur River Meats is a family partnership between the Bentz and Stokes families in the high desert region of Malheur County in eastern Oregon. Our ambition and goal is to produce healthy range and pasture raised meat, the way nature intended, with the highest regard for integrity and the traditional ways of producing an honest superior product that taste great and is healthy for our customer. We produce all natural meats that include Angus beef, Duroc pork, Boer goat and Heritage turkeys. Our animals are raised and handled with compassion and respect using humane welfare practices, never confined. Our animals are raised without the use of antibiotics, synthetic hormones or animal by-products. All of the animals produced for Malheur River Meats are born and raised on our families ranches were they express their natural behaviors grazing and foraging on land that is managed using sustainable practices.

Matthews All Natural Meats   Write a Review

We specialize in pasture raised, non-GMO grain fed lamb, chicken, turkey, beef & eggs.

Maverick Ranch Natural Beef   StarStarStarStarStar   Write a Review

Maverick Ranch Beef is proud to offer fresh Certified Organically Raised Beef which is now available to supermarket retailers. It is the first certified organic beef which follows the new organic guidelines as recently announced by the USDA.

Meadowlark Farm   Write a Review

We raise and sell pastured poultry and grass-fed lamb. Lamb cuts are available the entire market season at the Capital City Public Market. Chicken is available in mid-season.

Meat Shop of Tacoma   Write a Review

The oldest Certified Organic Meat Shop in the State of Washington, offering the largest complete selection of Certified Organic Beef, Pork, Poultry, Chemical Free Cured Meats, Naturally Grown Bison, and Lamb.

Meynell Langley Organic Meat   StarStarStarStarStar   Read Reviews (1)   Write a Review

At Meynell Langley, all our meat is free range organic. We specialise in producing quality organic beef and organic lamb from our herd of native Welsh Black Cattle and our flock of North Country Cheviot sheep. Our animals are reared slowly on grass and allowed to mature prior to butchering which optimises flavour and tenderness. Not surprisingly, many people tell us they buy our organic meat because they believe it tastes better.

Mosher Products   StarStarStarStarStar   Write a Review

Seller of quality organic buffalo -- a healthy alternative to beef because it is lower in fat, cholesterol and calories.

Nature's Premier Organic Chicken   Write a Review

Nature's Premier is Certified Organic, Certified Free-Farmed, and Certified Humane. They are the only broiler chicken company in the country to carry all 3 designations.

New Zealand Organic Venison   StarStarStarStarStar   Write a Review

Certified organic wild venison, the only suppliers in the world!

NFR Natural Beef   Write a Review

NFR Natural Beef is located in Northern California in the beautiful Sierra Mountains. NFR beef is processed in a USDA certified Organic processing plant where only knives are used in the cutting process to ensure a clean, bone fragment free cut!

Nick Ranch Gourmet Beef   Write a Review

Family owned & operated cattle ranch in Central California. Six generations of the Nick family have been raising Grass Fed Beef in the Pozo Mountains of San Luis Obispo County. The Nick Ranch the 1st livestock producer to become Certified Organic in San Luis Obispo County; the land and cattle are Certified Organic through CCOF. Pastured chickens will be available soon.

OMARSA organic shrimp   Write a Review

Omarsa is a seafood producer and exporter from Ecuador (South Amercia) of sustainable & organic shrimp (farm raised vannamei). Quality Certications include Globalgap, 3 stars Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) by ACC, British Retail Consortium (BRC) and organic Certicates Ecocert AB, Naturland, Bio Suisse and EU organic regulation EU 234/2007.

Organic Grass-Fed Beef Vancouver   Write a Review

Sumas Mountain Farms is the only producer of 100% certified-organic, lifetime grass-fed & finished beef in the Lower Mainland of BC. We also offer chicken and eggs. Our animals are raised on 100% certified-organic pastures in the heart of the Central Fraser Valley, Abbotsford. Our beef is dry-aged, and available in small or large quantities, by the cut or by the side, take-your-pick. Certification is through FVOPA.

Organic Grass-Fed Beef Vancouver   Write a Review

Sumas Mountain Farms is the only producer of 100% certified-organic, lifetime grass-fed & finished beef in the Lower Mainland of BC. We also offer chicken and eggs. Our animals are raised on 100% certified-organic pastures in the heart of the Central Fraser Valley, Abbotsford. Our beef is dry-aged, and available in small or large quantities, by the cut or by the side, take-your-pick. Certification is through FVOPA.

Pete and Gerry's   StarStarStarStarStar   Write a Review

A family organic egg farm with cage free, certified organic, omega 3 eggs that can be found in major chains and health food stores.

Providence Farm Organic Meats   Write a Review

Small family farm in north Devon UK producing Soil Association standard organic Chicken, Duck, Guinea Fowl, Turkey, Goose, Pork, Bacon, Gammon, Sausages, Beef and Lamb.

Quenby Hall Fine Organic Foods   StarStarStarStarStar   Write a Review

Delicious organic English Longhorn beef available direct from the Leicestershire farm in 10, 25 and 50kg packs. Hung 3 weeks, a full range of family sized cuts labeled and vacuum packed. Soil Association registered.

Rocky Mountain Custom Cuts   Write a Review

Rocky Mountain Custom Cuts offers high quality USDA Certified Grass Fed Organic Beef. Please visit their On-Line Store at

Roseland Organic Farms   Write a Review

Certified organic Charolais-mix beef farm in southwest Michigan, all certified organic feed (grains and hay)from our own farm. All animals bred on farm. No pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, synthetic feed additives since 1980.

Sam the Butcher   Write a Review

Welcome to Sam the Butcher, your friendly Organic Butcher. They have a wide selection of Organic products all of which can be ordered securely online and delivered fresh, fast and straight to your door. They're keen to boast that their meat is all Australian Certified Organic, the mark that guarantees you truly organic quality.

Save the Bacon   Write a Review

Delicious organic meats and organic produce. High quality, good prices and delivered throughout the UK.

Shelton's Poultry Inc.   Write a Review

Shelton's are proud to announce the availability of our organic chickens and turkeys. At one chicken farm and one turkey farm, they've begun the certification process with the help of C.C.O.F., California Certified Organic Farmers.

Skiyou Ranch   Write a Review

4th Generation family farm. 100% Certified Grass fed Angus beef.

SkyLines Farm of Idaho Sheep & Wool   Write a Review

SkyLines Farm in remote northern Idaho has been raising sheep by organic methods since 1992. The farm's 100+ Romney sheep produce exquisite colored and white handspinning wool, and delicately-flavored, organically raised, grassfed lamb.

Stiebrs Farms, Inc   Write a Review

Offering certified 100% Organic Eggs, Beef and Feed. Stiebrs Farms, Inc is a family owned and operated farm located in Western Washington.

Thomas Reid Organic Chicken Farms   Write a Review

Thomas Reid Farms TRF Organic Chicken Farm for natural foods!

Tiensvold Farms   Write a Review

At Tiensvold Farms, buffalo and organic farming are a way of life. Buffalo are raised right on a farm in a healthy, organic environment.

Well Hung Meat Company   StarStarStarStarStar   Write a Review

Delicious organic meat direct to your door.

West Wind Farms Organic & Grassfed Meats & Poultry   StarStarStarStarStar   Write a Review

Grassfed Beef, Grassfed Lamb, Pastured Pork, Free-ranged Chicken and Free-ranged Turkey. Tennessee's only organically grown meat and poultry since 1995, USDA certified organic since 2001.

Wholesome Harvest Fair Trade Organic Meats   Write a Review

Wholesome Harvest is a coalition of over 40 concerned small family farms. Since 2001, Wholesome Harvest has been offering premium organic certified poultry and meats to grocers, chefs and households.

Wise Poultry   StarStarStarStarStar   Read Reviews (1)   Write a Review

Certified kosher, certified organic, kosher organic chicken, kohser organic turkey, organic white eggs, kosher organic beef and kosher organic meat.

Wld Pacific Salmon   StarStarStarStarStar   Write a Review

Wild Alaska Salmon: Commercial Fishermen direct, Wild Alaskan salmon fresh frozen at sea for premium quality. Alaskan Chinook, Coho, and Sockeye salmon in fillets or steaks and smoked salmon in fillets or strips. High in heart healthy omega 3 fatty acid. Free shipping on orders over 8lbs

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