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The Blog   StarStarStarStarStar   Read Reviews (1)   Write a Review

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The blog chronicles an average consumer's journey through the land of organics. Join her as she learns more than she ever thought she would about organic food, gardening, and volunteering with a local organic farm. Plus much more!

A Glorious Life of an Idaho Farmwife   Write a Review

Married to a 4th generation farmer and grower of garbanzo beans, Gayle chronicles “A Glorious Life of an Idaho Farmwife” as an inside look into one of the family farms that feeds the world; along with tried-and-true recipes and a photo-journal crop diary, motorcycle road trip adventures are part of this spirited blog.

A Green Living   Write a Review

Green Life - - is a blog to the green enthusiast out there that cares about the environment issues that affect our planet. The purpose is to create more conscience on this good people that want to make this world a better place every day, trying to stop destroying our natural resources living a green and eco-friendly life. You will see at our blog different kind of articles of green living, eco-friendly products, natural care and others about this green movement that is becoming more popular these days. We have over 10 months online and our goal is to continue growing a community. We have many plans to do it, and will be done at the time. One of this is to involve all that good people mention above. Thanks to be at enjoy your stay, bookmark us, follow us, subscribe and be sure to spread the green word!

Advantages of Organic Food   StarStarStarStarStar   Read Reviews (2)   Write a Review

Discover the benefits of organic food and why you should be concerned about pesticides in conventional food. Download our seven free recipes and taste for yourself how good organic food really is.

Alpaca Farmgirl   Write a Review

Owner of Alabama’s award-winning Fairhope Alpacas, newlywed Katy Spears is the voice behind “Alpaca Farmgirl,” a blog packed with advice for anyone who falls in love with these doe-eyed wool-bearers and with observations about barnyard sex-ed, blogging as a 21st century quilting circle, and the trick to milking an alpaca.

Baby Detergents   Write a Review

Baby Detergents is an online blog dedicated in providing moms objective product reviews and information on washing baby clothes. It provides tips and suggestions to mothers on caring for baby clothing, washable baby items and others.

Baby It's Organic   StarStarStarStarStar   Read Reviews (2)   Write a Review

Baby It's Organic is a site for parents wanting to raise an organic baby. That means a baby that wears organic clothes, eats organic foods and interacts with organic products. Feel free to view the articles and discuss them with other parents in the comments section.

Bee Haven Acres   Write a Review

Site of a centuries-old log-built landmark, “Bee Haven Acres” is home to a herd of fainting goats, a gender-bending rooster, and blogger Bev, organic farmer and vintage apron maker who fulfills a porcine fantasy, involves the neighbors in a collaborative Yurt-raising, and makes memories of ‘Grammie’s’ Pennsylvania farm with the grandkids.

Beginning Farmers   Write a Review

Beginning Farmers is website and blog for new, experienced, and potential farmers, gardeners, educators, and activists, focused on small, organic, and sustainable farming and providing a comprehensive and up to date compilation of information resources about loans & grants, finding land, jobs, production, business planning, events, news, policy, and much more.

Bloganic - Organic Food Blog   StarStarStarStarStar   Write a Review

This website is an information resource on organic food and produce and is written in a blog style format. In is published in association with Organic Angels, an organic produce home delivery service.

Boulder Belt   Write a Review

Weighing in on the GMO debate, stumbling on a truffle patch and pondering why ‘farm sex’ is the most popular search term for its readers are fuel for posts on “Boulder Belt Eco-Farm”, which is set on an Ohio organic farm operated by modern renaissance gal Lucy and annual host to a nearly never-ending yard sale.

Cold Antler Farm   Write a Review

Web designer Jenna Jackson followed her calling to “Cold Antler Farm” in New York’s Washington County, where the author (as Jenna Woginrich) of Barnheart and Made From Scratch hosts workshops on mountain music, backyard chickens and working with wool fresh from the farm; her blog reveals an obsession with weather and a belief in the poetry of simple things.

Colorful Canary   StarStarStarStarStar   Read Reviews (1)   Write a Review

Natural, organic & sustainable living blog with recipes, crafts, recycling, woodworking, reviews & more.

Controlling Lawn Grubs Organically   StarStarStarStarStar   Write a Review

How to control white grubs in your lawn without using harmful chemicals.

Dairy Goddess   Write a Review

“A Dairy Goddess’s Blog” aims to give farmers a face and promote understanding of a threatened way of life that represents a national treasure; this blog by Barbara Martin is also the chronicle of what unfolds when a pair of 3rd generation farmers marry and set up farm in California, celebrating Earth Day each day, longing for the life of a pampered dairy cow, and taking on the Naked Chef’s criticism of chocolate milk in school cafeterias.

Dissertation To Dirt   Write a Review

Neysa and Travis are the city-transplanted organic farming couple behind “Dissertation to Dirt”, a chronicle of the road to owning a plot of Texas soil already named Round Table Farm; applying for a beginning farmer loan, making a checklist of the criteria that qualifies good land and contemplating the merits of internship are part of the journey.

Earth911   Write a Review

Earth911 is a privately owned, for-profit company that specializes in providing consumers with accessible and actionable recycling information across the country.

Eating Britain - The UK Food Site   Write a Review

A UK Food site with a focus on organic food and food for people will allergies. Also covering organic food news primarily for the UK

everyday organics   Write a Review

This blog is basically organics for beginners. I say this as I am the "beginner" and each week I am learning about different foods and recipes that hopefully will give me a healthier life. Dragging along my husband and two girls, I can already see that the year will be full of tasty simple food and finding that the change is not as daunting as I once thought.

Everything's Gone Green   Write a Review

Everything's Gone Green is the blog of Claudia Guerretta and Claire Dutfield from Ethical Babe an online shop in the UK that sells organic clothing for children. The blog deals with news and views about natural and organic products in general and how the positive effect they have on our lifestyles.

Farm Fresh Fun   Write a Review

Proud owner of an almost two-centuries-old Maryland farmstead slated for demolition, horse trainer turned do-it-yourselfer with a magpie gene for collecting, Farm Fresh Fun blogger Leslie chronicles the work-in-progress with before & after pics that reveal an amazing transformation and welcomes visitors from as far away as Beijing; enjoy fair photos of mutton bustin’ and wooly fashionistas by a farm wife for whom date night means a shared trip to the tractor store without kids in tow.

Farmophile   Write a Review

This blog chronicles a family’s adventures at small farms in the north Central Valley of California. The author discusses her conversations with farmers and what she learns when touring local farms that grow a wide range of fruits and vegetables.

Fig+Sage   Write a Review

Discover the very best organic & eco-friendly products for you, your guy/girl, your baby, your pet & your home! Find great green gift ideas & more. Personal reviews of amazing eco products found by two sisters with a passion for true organics and all things "green!!!

Food Wishes Video Recipes   StarStarStarStarStar   Read Reviews (1)   Write a Review

Food Wishes Video Recipes uses fresh, organic and locally grown products whenever possible. Almost daily posts on a wide variety of culinary topics. Fun to watch and easy to make recipes presented in 5 minute clips.

Four Leaf Clover Tales   Write a Review

Living out a farm fantasy reunited with the beautiful Morgan stallion that inspired a girlhood dream, Dutch transplant Leontien braves a cancer battle with the support of fellow bloggers and finds humor in ‘crazy’ Americanisms; “Four Leaf Clover Tales” chronicles life on a sprawling Indiana dairy farm where pampered cows get regular pedicures, enjoy spa stays when they are feeling down and take a holiday before calving.

Free Range Tuna   Write a Review

Inspired by a customer who once asked if our Tuna Fish was "Free Range". Free Range Tuna is a blog dedicated to eating organic and doing so without breaking the bank. I will be sharing recipes, tips on how to stock your kitchen with organic items, the food and beverage industry, and my personal experiences both in and outside of the professional kitchen. So join me for some great information and a hopefully a couple of laughs at Free Range Tuna -Jason Stroh

Fresh Egg Daily   Write a Review

Lisa runs a five acre farm in Virginia and shares stories of raising chickens with a passionate audience of thousands of Facebook Fans. At her blog Lisa shares advice for keeping chickens healthy and happy, recipes that use homegrown vegetables and herbs, and ideas for farm building projects.

Fresh from the Farm   Write a Review

“Welcome to Farmchick’s Kitchen” is the tagline for the blog titled “Fresh from the Farm”, where hospitality is served up with regular features including Link Party farm photos, reader-contributed homemade projects and creative recipes like pretzel sparklers to celebrate the 4th of July; Kodak moments captured by this blogger, scratch cook and soy candle maker include sunflower fields worthy of Van Gogh.

From My Front Porch   Write a Review

For Jent, the smell of drying corn means autumn has arrived and the best field is the one visible “From My Front Porch”; this Indiana blogger who prefers farm duties to household chores shares stick-to-your-rib recipes, rib-tickling shopping misadventures and the wit and wisdom of kid conversations.

GardenSpace   Write a Review

General Articles from an amateur gardener who is learning every day

Going Simple   Write a Review

Going Simple is a blog about a journey to organic eating, a non-toxic lifestyle, gardening, cooking and baking, getting healthy and being an environmental steward. Filled with experiences, tips, and shared knowledge.

Gold Forest Grains   Write a Review

John Schneider is the voice of “Gold Forest Grains – Organic Grain Farming in Alberta”, where readers can keep up with the progress of the farm’s passive-solar straw house, take a video tour of the fields, find recipes for Spelt bread and sourdough, and peruse the list of fresh-milled products sold at farmers markets and Edmonton’s Organic Box delivery service.

Great Green Baby   Write a Review

GreatGreenBaby is a shopping blog devoted to the green, eco-friendly, baby consumer. We comb the web and find environmentally friendly products for you and your baby.

Green Collar Economy   Write a Review

Green Collar Economy is a site dedicated to helping businesses learn about and share ideas for going green and doing so profitably. With a B2B directory with over 2600 green business links, daily news in 7 channels, a Green Collar Job board and channel specific forums.

Green Mom Happy Mom   Write a Review

Dedicated to all things green, organic and eco-friendly. Information on natural parenting, green living and working from home.

Griggs Dakota   Write a Review

Blogger Jane and Farmer Fred are the people behind “Griggs Dakota”, which chronicles life on a fifth generation North Dakota farm from planting to harvest; rainy nights of double-board Monopoly, a farmer’s ode to dandelions and a trip to the salvage yard to retire old tractors give an insight into a simple life revolving around fields and family.

Grow Organic Food   Write a Review

We all know the importance of living a greener lifestyle. Being more conscious of what we are doing to make certain the Earth is habitable for future generations is a priority for many and should be for many more. The problem is some just don't know where to start or how to go about it the right way. Have you been considering starting your own garden in an effort to "Go Green", but find yourself asking questions like: • What makes a garden organic? • Do I have enough space to grow my own garden? • How do I get started? • Are there any cons to growing an organic garden I should know about? • And more...

Hickery Holler Farm   Write a Review

Southern gal, the Canned Quilter, and Yankee hubby, O Wise One, invite readers to visit “Hickery Holler Farm”, where images of tomatoes ripening on a porch rail and stories of fooling city kids with tales of grits-hunting conjure a simpler life; readers can keep up with a running canning count and discover how to prepare mock pineapple and gummy worms using the zucchini that threatens to overtake the garden.

Honest Meat   Write a Review

California’s TLC Ranch is home to the self-professed muckraking blogger behind “Honest Meat”, a sustainability consultant and part-time farmer who offers profiles of hardworking land stewards and contemplates the activist label, the reasons that farmers still fare poorly in a food-obsessed culture, and the pitfalls along the journey from farm to plate.

Hoosier Farm Babe Tell Tails   Write a Review

Journalist, Mary Kay fan and wife of Big D, Meggie is the blogger behind “Hoosier Farm Babe Tell Tails” who celebrates her wedding anniversary by closing on the farm of her dreams and contemplates giving up her horse in order to make more time for motherhood; discover the connection between dairy farming, Ginger Rogers and Sex and the City in this Indiana farmwife blog.

I Prefer Organic   Write a Review

I Prefer Organic is about organic and sustainable lifestyle. Tips, reviews and info on healthy, natural, organic and eco-friendly alternatives to conventional products. Keep it Simple. Choose Organic. Be Healthy.

Il Vino Biologico   StarStarStarStarStar   Read Reviews (1)   Write a Review

The first information Web site about organic wine. All about Italian organic wines, from vineyards to the glass. News, informations, wine makers, cellars, review, recommendations.

Keep It Organic   Write a Review

This site is dedicated to providing the organic shopper with information about the right packaging choices for keeping your organic foods, organic. Many packaging choices may contain synthetic chemicals that migrate into foods and beverages, thus altering the natural organic integrity of your foods. In contrast, glass containers have been in use for 200 generations and are composed of naturally occurring substances and do not contain synthetic chemicals.

Kim's County Line   Write a Review

Sowing seeds of hope despite hard times, sprouting awareness for a new generation at Ag Day and capturing sunsets framed by a century-old grain elevator are all-in-a-day’s-work for the Kansas farm wife and freelance radio reporter behind “Kim’s County Line”, where readers can discover why dusting is a dirty word to farmers and housewives, why planting wheat is like waiting to give birth and why feed store mousers are as important as any CEO.

Kinkyhairchick   Write a Review

Natural Living site with a emphasis on a living a natural, organic, beauty lifestyle.

Life At Cobble Hill Farm   Write a Review

Backyard farmers in upstate New York, blogger Staci and husband Jay practice voluntary simplicity, offer lessons in chicken coop construction and tackle the question of what makes a farm, while sharing space with their menagerie of chickens, cats and French bulldogs.

Life on a Colorado Farm   Write a Review

Linda chronicles a vanishing tradition and offers remembrances of times past when the nation faced a different war in “Life on a Colorado Farm”; readers can follow the adventures of a pair of curious farm dogs and savor photos of everyday miracles, including a parade of rainbows and a glimpse of hummingbird nests.

Live the Organic Life   Write a Review

The key to a healthy and prosperous life is your lifestyle. Organic living is a way of life that will give you energy, happiness and the ability to lose weight. This website provides useful and effective resources with valuable information on organic healthy eating. In addition, the site offers relevant facts on alternative health, organic cures and organic environment.

Livewell-Organic   Write a Review

A guide to organic health and living

Moms Organic House   StarStarStarStarStar   Read Reviews (1)   Write a Review

Simple, everyday organic living solutions for those interested in improving the health and well being of themselves and/or their family.

My Best Organic   Write a Review

‘’is a network of sites based around a philosophy of positivity. Our aim is for our sites to be populated by positive voices. My Best Organic is one of our sites: "Share your knowledge and experiences on going organic. What are the best organic products out there? How can I become more green and eco-friendly in my lifestyle?"

My Garden Diary   Write a Review

Garden diary of an amateur gardener based in East Anglia providing an account of activitites in the garden as well as tips and advice for beginners.

Natural Baby Products Blog   StarStarStarStarStar   Read Reviews (1)   Write a Review

Articles and information on alternative, natural baby care.

Naturally Savvy   Write a Review

Naturally Savvy is an information-based website that informs readers on the basics of natural health. Living a naturally healthy lifestyle refers to using and consuming natural and organic and green products. For the most part, these products should not contain harmful preservatives, food coloring, harsh chemicals, growth hormones and/or pesticides, all of which have been linked to degenerative diseases such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes. We want you to understand the importance of living a naturally healthy lifestyle and how you, too, can begin to integrate natural, organic and green products into your life.

Nevada Department of Agriculture: Organic Certification Program   Write a Review

In 1997 the Nevada Legislature passed the Nevada Organic Certification Law. This law allows the Department of Agriculture to apply for USDA accreditation as an organic certifier of agricultural products grown or processed in Nevada. The Department is currently accredited by the USDA National Organic Program. In addition, the law allows the Department to verify that organic products produced out of state and sold in Nevada are produced according to recognized organic methods. The Nevada Organic Certification Program is designed to provide assurance to consumers who purchase organic products that the products were grown according to organic standards. Certification also benefits Nevada's producers and handlers of organic agricultural products by providing an in-state certification service for organic certification. Nevada's law applies to organically produced agricultural products, including fruit and vegetables, fiber and livestock feeds. An agricultural product may not be sold in Nevada as organic unless it is certified organic.

Northview Diary   Write a Review

As one of the longest running diary farm blogs on the Internet, Northview Diary gives you a taste of life on a diary farm with regular in-depth narrations of the author’s experiences including ensuring all cows are accounted for and keeping the farm going when extreme weather arrives.

Olga's Whole Life   Write a Review

I am a yogi & nutrition counselor at the largest medical weight loss center in the U.S.(Dr. Norman's Myrtle Beach Diet). I started a blog to educate parents about the toxins in our environment & teach them how to use nutritional supplements for the whole family. I share ideas, information, recipes, yoga and much more. I will have the online store open soon as well, which sells natural products for the whole family. I am passionate about living an organic lifestyle.

Orgainc farming and food   Write a Review

This is a good blog abaout farming, and food, u can find a lot informations, for you, and read some good things, about it.

Organic Beauty recipes   Write a Review

Organic & Homemade Beauty recipes. Sharing one recipe every week, learn how to make lip balms, lip gloss, face and body creams, body scrubs, shampoos, toners, body wash, face masks...all organic and homemade in your own kitchen!

Organic Clothing and Eco-Fashion Blog   StarStarStarStarStar   Write a Review

In Organic Clothing and Eco-Fashion Blog, we will be exploring ecological and environment issues, social issues such as Fair Trade and sweatshop practices, economic issues such as U.S. Government subsidies to cotton growers, hot fashion trends and eco-clothing designers, clothing selections, organic clothing manufacturers, natural fibers and fabrics, clothing and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, organic garment cost and prices, and anything else in the wide world of organic clothing that grabs our attention.

Organic Facts   Write a Review

Source of factual information on different aspects of organic living including organic food, organic gardening, organic stores and organic cosmetics.

Organic Farming Blog   Write a Review

Organic Farming Blog is filled with interesting facts, comparison articles and opinions on everything related to organic farming, soil, seeds and fertilizer.

Organic Food Blog   Write a Review

One of the best way these days to get healthy is to change the way that we eat. Organic foods that are grown with environmentally responsible practices are not of the best ways to achieve a better body without polluting it with modern chemicals used in agriculture.

Organic Food Experience   Write a Review

Find the best organic food articles in our site. From superfoods, organic farming, organic pet foods, orgnic food recipes, health benefits of organic foods and many more.

Organic Food Lovers   Write a Review

Organic Food Lovers | A site for those with a passion for organic food and those who are just learning about it and its benefits

Organic Foods 101   Write a Review

Organic Foods 101 is your source for the latest news, views and reviews on organic foods and related topics.

Organic In Style   Write a Review

Showing you how to live both organically and in style.

Organic on the Green   Write a Review

Organic on the Green, a student blog associated with the Organic Trade Association, was developed to encourage the development of organic food programs on college campuses nationwide. Students are encouraged to share the successes and pitfalls of their organic campus initiatives, thus hopefully inspiring others to take proactive steps in improving the quality of their campus dining. The blog gives students the opportunity to network with other students from around the country who have similar goals and concerns. It features essays from students on the front lines of making college dining more sustainable and includes postings that address such diverse topics as local vs. organic, recycling on college campuses, student run gardens and CSAs, and college farmers’ markets. A new entry is posted by a different student each Monday and Thursday. This blog was created with the hopes of becoming a forum, so all are welcome to read and respond with their own personal anecdotes and opinions.

Organic Planet Coffee and Tea   Write a Review

The "Official" Blog of Organic Planet Coffee and Tea. Here you will find everything you ever wanted to know about organic, fair trade coffee, tea and chocolate. Only the finest the planet has to offer!

Organic Products Guide   Write a Review

A organic products guide for you, your household and your surroundings. Find information and facts on organic food, organic garden products, organic baby products plus more.

Organic Soil Solutions   Write a Review

Organic Soil Solutions helps make your lawn and soil as healthy and happy as possible. We promote deep roots, plenty of leaf surface, and lots of biology in the soil, so the grass can get the air, water, and food it needs. We provide the foundation for a healthy lawn to meet the challenges and accept the gifts that Mother Nature provides. We use a completely organic and proactive approach to plant and soil health care.

Organic Soul | Natural and Holistic Living Blog   Write a Review

Organic Soul offers articles, advice, reviews, and ideas on natural living, spirituality, wellness, and sustainability. Living a natural, whole, and sustainable (eco-friendly) lifestyle should be simple and attainable for everyone. This isn’t a trend or a fashion statement; it’s a necessity for a better way of life.

Organic Step   Write a Review

Organic Step offers secrets regarding organic food and supplies.

Organic To Be   Write a Review

Organic To Be (OToBe) is a blog that covers everything organic— from the farms to our tables, from growing food to enjoying food, from nutrients to ingredients, from farm markets to restaurants, from news to reviews.

Organic Way   Write a Review

A source of factual information on different issues pertaining to Organic Food.

Organic Word   Write a Review

Organic Word features a multitude of information on everything organic. Including great posts on organic food, organic living, environmental concerns, and much, much more.

Our Little Coop   Write a Review

Blogging from a small urban farm, Emily McGrath of Our Little Coop shares her quest to become more self sufficient. Topics include recommended books for raising chickens, how to set up a brooder for newborn chicks, and the process of constructing a chicken coop.

Our Whole Health   Write a Review

Site dedicated to the whole health of an individual with emphasis on organics

Pheasant Valley   Write a Review

A budding farmer blogs about growing organic vegetables, navigating the farmers' market scene and his growing family.

Prakritik   Write a Review

Prakritik is about healthy living, Organic Food and adopting the means of wellness that replenishes our energies and souls. It is about adopting a healthy lifestyle by the use of natural sources & products.

Project Organic Eating   Write a Review

My blog focuses on healthy organic eating at an affordable price.

Punkin's Patch   Write a Review

Named in memory of a sheep rescued from the stockyard, “Punkin’s Patch” is the Kentucky home of blogger, Packers fan and fiber artist TheCrazySheepLady, Hank the watchful dog, and a flock that includes a United Nations mix of breeds with a cast of wooly characters like Ewen, Ewenice and Wooliam.

Quillcards   Write a Review

Posts and articles on the background to various photographs taken by the author, and guides on the preservation of images, and framing images. The photographs are on themes of 'the natural world', the constructed world', 'the creative world' the spiritual world', and of images paired with quotations.

Quinta das Abelhas   Write a Review

Quinta das Abelhas (Honeybee Farm) is a 2 hectare organic smallholding situated in the ‘green heart’ of the Beiras region of central Portugal. Nestling in a terraced valley, we enjoy incredible views of the Serra do Açor and Serra da Estrela mountain ranges.

Raw Food Recipes   Write a Review

raw food lifestyle website offering free raw food recipes

Seed to Plate   Read Reviews (1)   Write a Review

An up-to-date news source that promotes discussion and interaction, Seed to Plate® is also a reliable reference site linking visitors and participants to environmental associations, groups and initiatives, agricultural and organic organizations, and grass roots campaigns.

Shepherd's Notebook   Write a Review

Shepherd’s Notebook is an extensive information resource for sheep and goat producers that is written by Susan Schoenian from the University of Maryland Extension Small Ruminant Program. It covers a wide range of topics pertaining to sheep and goat from research studies to important news and additional resources.

Slow Money Farm   Write a Review

Finding a safe, sustainable haven along with a sense of community is the driving force behind “Slow Money Farm”, a blog that advocates freedom of food choice, looks to the Bible for lessons in land stewardship, and examines farming by the (shrinking) numbers and food advertising that fails the sniff test for integrity.

Sprout 'n' Wings Farm   Write a Review

A gaggle of girls make their home on “Sprout ‘n’ Wings Farm”, the Nebraska setting for single mom Michaele and daughters who find a place to breathe and grow, living by the mantra of doing what they can – whether braving injury to give goats pedicures or following instructions to install a rural mailbox.

Stile Mediterraneo Cooking School in Italy   Write a Review

Mediterranean cooking classes in Puglia Southern Italy. Under the guidance of a Cardiologist and a cooking instructor you learn how to prepare healthy recipes based on extra virgin olive oil and organic products from local farmers and markets in Puglia. You learn how to choose and buy the freshest organic products at the market and you may also pick your own products at the farmers.

Text Message Baby: Organic Baby Blog   Write a Review

Organic Baby Blog written by earth-friendly mom with a passion to provide a sustainable product that will help heal the earth.

The Beginning Farmer   Write a Review

Trading his dreams of rock stardom and pro angling for a patch of Iowa farmland, Ethan Book shares the story of starting from scratch at Crooked Gap Farm, where he wages an annual war on mud and finds lessons in patience while waiting to turn his cows out to a new pasture; a born talker who longs for a mechanical bent, “The Beginning Farmer” shares the tale of doing rounds of meetings in DC as a voice for small-scale farmers.

The Big Blog Of Gardening   StarStarStarStarStar   Read Reviews (1)   Write a Review

Tips on growing organic vegetables, fruit, shrubs and trees

The Dairy Moon   Write a Review

Brenda Hastings provides insights from owning and running a dairy farm in Northeast Ohio including giving visitors a front row seat during Open Farm Days, explaining pricing structure and costs for dairy farmers, and how to accomplish the goal of keeping cows healthy, comfortable and productive.

The Good Thing - About Gardening   Write a Review

Organic vegetable, perennial, and water gardening tips and shared experiences.

The Next Generation: Farm Safety and Health   Write a Review

This blog is a partnership between The Great Plains Center for Agricultural Health, University of Missouri, and Farm Safety 4 Just Kids and aims to provide farmers with a platform for sharing their opinions on farm safety and health. The blog offers information, tips, and stories to get the conversation started and encourages farmers to share their thoughts.

The Organic Empire   Write a Review

Information on everything organic, eating, health, gardening, scientific, fresh produce profiles, eating well, living well, being happy. Healthy Kids, healthy environment

The Renegade Farmer   Write a Review

An old-fashioned way of life meets up with new technology that connects folks once isolated by geography in “The Renegade Farmer”, a communal creation of a crop of contributors who range from the poster with the heart of a farmer, even if the farm is just a backyard plot, to the farm family ready to downsize a thriving operation that outgrew their desire for a simpler, sustainable life.

The Salad Girl   Write a Review

We are a certified organic salad dressing company located in Minnesota. We are a "Fresh Organic Dressing For Fresh Greens" and available for distribution to your local co-op, or organic food market.

The Skoog Family Journal   Write a Review

“The Skoog Farm Journal” chronicles the everyday miracles, endless chores and garden-fresh feasts that make up life in rural New York, where retired art teacher, card creator, animal rescuer and organic farmer, Lori Skoog, celebrates her passion for horses and commemorates cherished four-legged friends who are gone but not forgotten.

The Wife of a Dairyman   Write a Review

Nancy shares recipes that utilize home-grown bounty, a virtual tour of a California farm that is home to happy heifers and the rare experience of sending her kids to a one-room schoolhouse as “The Wife of a Dairyman” who appreciates old barns, attends blog conventions and participates in the state’s Farm Fresh tour.

This Farm Family's Life   Write a Review

Sarah displays her talents behind the camera with images of a wedding party hayride, rainbow-themed birthday and boot prints branded into fresh cement on “This Farm Family’s Life”, where readers can find kid-friendly crafts, hearty recipes and farm projects illustrated step-by-step.

Throwback at Trapper Creek   Write a Review

Bent on achieving self-sufficiency on 180 acres in the Pacific Northwest, Matron-of-husbandry is the blogger behind “Throwback at Trapper Creek”; pictures of produce too pretty for words and images of a kitchen overflowing with bushels and baskets – while canning to the tune of Adele’s ‘Rolling in the Deep’ – give a glimpse into this blogger’s world.

Tiny Farm Blog   Write a Review

Daily photo journal of work on a small-scale certified organic vegetable farm growing for the local food market.

Truth or Dairy   Write a Review

On “Truth or Dairy”, Carla chronicles the evolution of corporate climbers into Michigan dairy farmers who see beauty in round bales dotting a field, find wedding conversations turning to calf bloat, and witness the future of farming when the neighbor brings home a robotic milker.

Tulsi People   StarStarStarStarStar   Read Reviews (1)   Write a Review

An Organic blog about organic farming, Tulsi (Holy Basil) and sustainability. Tulsi - "The Queen of Herbs" - is the most sacred herb of India and has been revered for over five thousand years, as a healing balm for body, mind and spirit, and is known fot its amazing number of health benefits.

Unexpected Farmer   Write a Review

This blog shares lessons along the way of learning how to run a farm in Spain that produces an array of products from vegetables to eggs and is home to a variety of livestock. With the help of Google and some trial and error, they are learning that farming is both challenging and fun.

Walking the Off-Beaten Path   Write a Review

Sunsets snapped from the bed of a pickup and mounds of golden corn gleaned from storm-bent stalks illustrate “Walking the Off-Beaten Path” and reflect the passion of retired teacher and wife of Tall Guy, Lana; fishing is a family tradition and personal tragedies put snarky comments in perspective for this Indiana blogger.

We Choose Organic // Your blog source for organic living // Organic skincare, organic foods   StarStarStarStarStar   Read Reviews (1)   Write a Review

Welcome to, get the latest news on organic skincare, organic living and healthy food and why it is so important to choose organics for your health, body, for you and your family.

West Family Farm   Write a Review

With the goal of being self sufficient, Carole from West Family Farm in Texas provides an up close look at farm life including installing a new irrigation system, raising a herd of cows, and the benefits of grass fed animals.

Wild for Herbs Blog   Write a Review

The Wild for Herbs Blog acts as an extension to However, the blog really goes beyond herbs, containing information on all sorts of natural health topics. Some prevalent topics include diets, health culture, raw food, various diseases and anything natural.

WoodFinn   Write a Review

Kris shares stories from her horse farm in central Pennsylvania that is also home to rare chickens and the occasional fainting goat. Images of the beautiful countryside and entertaining adventures of the farm’s inhabitants fill the pages of this blog.

Your organic child   Write a Review

A blog about raising your children in an organic lifestyle. food cleaning, health and beauty, clothing etc..

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