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Gro Green Organics -

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Gro Green Organics manufactures and sells equipment and supplies to make TerraTea, an Aerated Aerobic Compost Tea (AACT). TerraTea is a Trade Mark of Gro Green Organics. Compost is solid bulk material from leaves, grass clippings, manure, food waste, etc. that has been broken down by microorganisms. The result is a material that looks like rich healthy soil full of beneficial microbes and nutrients. Soil with adequate compost mixed in will have better water absorption, retention and drainage, improved soil structure, a steady supply of plant nutrients and a more balanced soil pH. If you are an organic gardener you already know the benefits of compost. However, the bulk, the shoveling and raking can become hard work after a while. An easier way to enjoy the benefits from compost is to use an Aerated Compost Tea "TerraTea". All the benefits from compost are included in TerraTea, multiplied up to 100,000 times. A thin coat of TerraTea is equivalent to a 2" thick cover of solid compost. A good Aerobic Compost Tea is made from 100% organic compost. However, the difference between TerraTea and solid compost is twofold: 1. The total amount of aerobic bacteria. During the brewing process we increase the population of beneficial microbes by an average of 100,000 times compared to the number of microbes in the inoculant. "A huge increase in microbial population". 2. The beneficial microbes in TerraTea are metabolically active. During the brewing process the microbes go from a dormant state to a metabolically active state, ready to start their important role in the soil food web. The benefit from TerraTea is very similar to using compost, but with more rapid and substantial results. TerraTea is a liquid which makes it very easy to use. To treat your entire garden with TerraTea will take 15-30 minutes, depending on the size of garden.

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