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GroMor Organic Fertilisers -

Updated: 2005-08-15

GroMor 100% Organic Fertiliser is the most nutrient rich, ODOURLESS 100% organic fertiliser available. GroMor is a concentrated, complete and certified organic fertiliser combining high levels of organic nutrients, carbon and beneficial microbes in one odourless package. GroMor 100% Organic Fertiliser is designed to meet the requirements of home gardeners and growers at cost-effective use rates. GroMor is unique because itís a balanced organic NPK fertiliser, with complete trace elements, high organic carbon content, humates to increase nutrient uptake, has biologically activated soil conditioning properties and NO ODOUR, making it neighbour friendly and suitable for indoor use. The unique manufacturing process distinguishes GroMor from all other organic products. GroMor is used by growers from various horticultural sectors including wine/table grapes, green house tomato and cucumbers, olives, citrus, broccoli, cabbage and bean growers, local councils, hotels and golf courses.

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