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Guidelines to Consider


  • Use your business’s name in the title field—any superfluous descriptions will be removed.
  • Capitalize first letters of each word in the titles—avoid all-capitals and any superfluous characters or symbols.
  • Use acronyms judiciously in titles and descriptions.
  • Limit your site descriptions to useful information only –your listing is meant to describe the contents of your site and is not intended to be an advertisement.

Do not…

  • Submit your site to numerous categories. If you do not find an appropriate category, please let us know and we will consider adding it.
  • Submit mirror sites—sites that have different urls but the same content.
  • Submit sites that redirect to different urls.
  • Submit sites that contain illegal content.
  • Submit your site if it is still under construction or if any of the main links are not working properly.
  • Use your tagline in the title.
  • Precede your site’s title with any series of “a” or other letters that will rank you higher in the directory. Our editors will remove it so that your name shows up in its proper alphabetical order.
  • Include “www” in the site title if your business is an online entity and is referred to as
  • Repeat the name of the business in the description, as the title and description will display together.
  • Use third person pronouns (I, me, you, your, we, us, or our) in your site descriptions. reserves the right to editing each listing in accordance with the rules outlined above.

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