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Affordable NonDairy Energy Bars By The Pound   StarStarStarStarStar   Read Reviews (3)   Write a Review

9 Non-Dairy Energy Bars in bulk Chunks of energy 1/3 cost of packaged bars flavors: carob spirulna, 100% raw carob ginseng with goji, 18 carob super greens, carob banana, chocolate almond chip, honey pistacio, vanilla almond, and pineapple ginger. Life Bars Green Spirit nondairy apple and veggie bars

Allgood Provisions   Write a Review

Allgood Provisions is an original brand of organic snack foods including nuts, fruits, and trail mix. Our foods are all organic, earth-friendly, and nutritious. Visit our site to learn more!

Allison's Gourmet   StarStarStarStarStar   Write a Review

Welcome! At Allison's, exceptional quality is paramount. That's why we choose CERTIFIED ORGANIC, animal-free ingredients, and never use hydrogenated oils or GMOs. I hope you'll like our baked goods just as much as I do. Enjoy!

Amazing Grass   StarStarStarStarStar   Write a Review

Amazing Grass offers the most nutritious Organic Wheat Grass, Barley Grass and Green SuperFood. Our raw food drink powders are the most potent, convenient, and affordable way to achieve the recommended 5-9 daily servings of fruits and vegetables. Our organic whole-leaf wheat grass powder is up to 25 times more nutritious than tray-grown wheatgrass juice. Amazing Grass is highly alkaline and loaded with vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, phytonutrients and all essential amino acids. Amazing Grass Organic Wheat Grass Powder and Green SuperFood provide essential green vegetable nutrition you can’t get from your multi-vitamin.
[+] Organic Beef Jerky   Write a Review

Organic beef jerky, all natural buffalo and turkey jerky. 29 styles and flavor. Retail and Wholesale

Beautiful Sweets   Write a Review

Beautiful Sweets is now organic. Organic = delicious, with our unique hand decorated gourmet cookies. We sell through our NJ store, our website and toll free number. We have delightful tins of gourmet, organic cookies and cookie favors. Find out why people keep saying they “taste as good as they look”. Beautiful Sweets is now offering franchises. New stores will be opening in selected states, selling our cookies and hosting cookie decorating birthday parties.

Bien Padre Foods Inc.   Write a Review

We make chips, tortillas, tacos, salsa and more! We make it fresh, daily, in our own facility,``here on the great North Coast of California, where Redwoods, Pacific Ocean, Sierras are all a chip-throw away.

BumbleBar: The ultimate organic energy bar!   StarStarStarStarStar   Write a Review

Organic energy bars.

Chunks of Energy   Write a Review

bite-sized energy snacks, unpackaged & with carefully sourced ingredients, for you! 14 flavors: some are vegan, raw, organic...all are delicious! Available in all 50 states.

Clif Bar   Write a Review

To perform at your best, the last thing you want to put in your body is a synthetic product. That’s why we believe in using healthy ingredients, such as organic rolled oats, organic roasted soybeans, organic milled flaxseed and organic soy flour. All 13 CLIF BAR flavors are made with 70% organic ingredients.

Energy Products   Write a Review

Macadamia nut producers and bars.

Enjoy Jerky   Write a Review

Organic Beef Jerky We offer four(4) flavors of Organic Beef Jerky. Original, Teriyaki, Peppered, Sweet & Spicy.

Farmer Steve's Microwave Popcorn   Write a Review

Certified Organic, no oil added, freshly harvested organic popcorn from Amwell Valley Organic Grains. Online ordering.

Food for Thought Snack Company   Write a Review

At the Food for Thought Snack Company, we are dedicated to changing the way people think about snacking. We created SnackSacks, a 30-day supply of single-serving snacks, in a variety of options: All-Natural, Organic, Kosher, Vegan, and Gluten-Free. There are SnackSacks for toddler, children, and adults.

Foods Alive - Golden Flax Seed Crackers   StarStarStarStarStar   Write a Review

No matter what your flavor preference is, we have a flax cracker for everyone. All flavors boast a fresh, crisp crunch and savory taste, and each serving provides 32-43% of the RDA for fiber intake, something nearly 70% of all people are severely lacking. Our Flax Crackers are also rich in Omega-3’s, Anti-Cancer Lignans, Protein, and a multitude of other valuable vitamins and minerals. On top of all these nutrients, our flax crackers are also Gluten Free, cholesterol free, Kosher, Vegan, and free of refined sugars! Our flax crackers are the perfect snack for everyone, including any type of diet or any special needs lifestyles! Foods Alive also dehydrates our Golden Flax Crackers at a very low temperature to preserve virtually all living enzymes and vital nutrition for a great live food snack. Just good, clean, simple, functional Whole Food!!

Frito-Lay   StarStarStarStarStar   Write a Review

What's in a name? If the name is Frito-Lay, lots. We've been your snack pals for over 60 years and are still going strong. Check out this section to learn about our company, from community programs to Frito-Lay's timeline to frequently asked questions. We're big but we're friendly, traditional but innovative. And make no mistake about it...we take our fun foods seriously.

Futters Nut Butters   StarStarStarStarStar   Write a Review

Sells organic nut butters, including brazil nut, cashew, pistachio, macadamia and almond butter.

Good Health Natural Foods   Write a Review

We carry a variety of natural snack foods, veggie stix, olive oil potato ships, organic potato chips, culinary potato chips, peanut butter pretzels, etc.

Goodbaker   StarStarStarStarStar   Write a Review

Goodbaker™ mixes are for the lazy gourmet! Make easy delicious organic vegan cookies, brownies, muffins, scones, fudge, pancakes and waffles. Goodbaker mixes are low-fat, with healthy fiber from whole-grain flour blends and soy protein. No cholesterol, no refined sugars or flours. Just whole, healthy, unrefined delicious ingredients.
[+]   Read Reviews (1)   Write a Review

19 varieties of organic trail mixes, nuts, seeds and dried fruits sold worldwide. All products are USDA certified organic. Our production facility in New Hope, MN, is a ICS Certified Organic Facility.

Grandpa Po's Originals   StarStarStarStarStar   Write a Review

Grandpa Po’s Originals are so deliciously different, they’re difficult to describe. These crunchy golden half-popped nuggets of organic popcorn are blended with dry-roasted organic soybeans and a gentle touch of seasonings. What you get is a tasty treat, that’s both nutritious and fun to eat! Grandpa Po’s Originals are Trans Fat free, GMO free, Gluten free, Cholesterol free and Peanut free. With all that free stuff, you can't resist. Available in Slightly Unsalted, Slightly Spicy and Slightly Sweet. All three are slightly addicting.

Greenstream Gourmet   Write a Review

We feature large, sumptuous organic cookies and wedding gifts. We use only biodegradable packaging for shipping, even down to the labels. Our site also offers greenstreaming tips to help further a greener lifestyle.

Grizzlies Granola   Write a Review

Organic trail mix, granola, mueslis and other healthy snacks.

Healthco Canada   Write a Review

Healthco is a Canadian company committed to providing natural nutrition for the whole family, through the creation of earth-friendly, non-genetically altered, and preservative-free snacks and supplements. Healthco draws from nature's simplest and purest fruit and vegetable ingredients, organically grown whenever possible.

Healthy Snack Store   Write a Review

Get all natural and organic snacks with one stop shopping at the Healthy Snack Store. They specialize in a wide variety of products so visit our website for more information.

HempNut Inc.   Write a Review

This is where you will find The Original HempNut™ brand of shelled hempseed. It's the best invention to happen to hempseed in 5,000 years!``It's 9% omega-3 and 31% high-quality complete protein, plus GLA, vitamins and minerals. It's so nutritious we call it "The Soybean of the New Millennium™". This product helps support healthy heart, brain, lung, and immune function.

HoneyBar Products International Inc.   StarStarStarStarStar   Write a Review

In addition to their Regular and Natural Bars, HoneyBar has a line of 100% Certified Organic Bars.

JungleGrub Snack Bars   Write a Review

At Organic Nutrition they believe "Kids should eat well and like what they eat." How is JungleGrub different than other snack bars, first we let the kids decided how they should taste, second, they meet school nutrition requirements reducing the amount of sugar and fats. JungleGrub Snack Bars actually have less sugar than a glass of milk yet still have the sweet taste kids crave. Even though they were made with kids in mind there are a lot of adults packing them in their lunch too. Don't forget, "Kids should eat well and like what they eat...Toss'em a JungleGrub!"

Late July Organic Snacks   StarStarStarStarStar   Write a Review

From the founders of Cape Cod Potato Chips, Inc. and Chatham Village Foods, Inc. comes a new organic snack company, Late July Organic Snacks.

Mary's Gone Crackers   StarStarStarStarStar   Write a Review

Mary's Gone Crackers, LLC is committed to manufacturing the best tasting wheat-free and gluten-free baked goods using the highest quality, organically grown ingredients.

Mountain Organic Foods   StarStarStarStarStar   Write a Review

From Hood River, Oregon comes the Bear Fruit Bar, an all organic “apple in a wrapper” in 4 flavors. The bars get their nutrition from apples: fat-free, low-sodium, and a good source of antioxidants and fiber, including soluble fiber, known for its heart-healthy, diabetes-friendly and appetite control benefits.

New England Natural Bakers   StarStarStarStarStar   Write a Review

NENB offers the finest in organic cereal bars, organic trail mix bars, organic, low fat, fat free and premium cereals, nuts, seeds and trail mixes, which are all available in bulk pack.

Newman's Own Organics   StarStarStarStarStar   Write a Review

Recipes from Nell, play games, pull some weeds out of our garden, or whatever else strikes your fancy.

Nu-World Amaranth   StarStarStarStarStar   Write a Review

Under its Nu-World Foods brand, Nu-World Amaranth is the premiere provider of high quality Amaranth-based products for those looking to lead healthier lifestyles, are gluten-free or have food allergies.

Organic Trails   StarStarStarStarStar   Write a Review

Organic Trails is made by the folks at GrandyOats Granola. New line of organic trail-mixes and snacks are made in small batches by hand. Try the Maple Roasted Cashews or toss some of their Tamari Roast on your next salad.

Organica Foods, Inc.   Write a Review

Organica's Original Cookie line expands... Introducing our New Iced Shortbread Cookies USDA Certified Organic, vegan with Non-Hydorgenated Oils available in four flavors. Simply Original!!


Manufacturers of delicious certified organic, Gluten Free, kosher, vegan candy. Great Lollipops, hard candies and candy canes

Purity Organics, Inc.   Write a Review

We are a family owned operation that grows and packs organic almonds. All fields and facility are certified organic by "CCOF" and are "IFOAM" compliant. We expect to have Kosher certification by the middle of January 2006. We have 2005 crop packed and ready to ship for your current needs. We have some of the highest quality product available anywhere in the world. All product is grown in Central California, the best place on earth to grow quality organic almonds.

R.W. Garcia/Santa Cruz Fine Foods   StarStarStarStarStar   Write a Review

Manufacturer and supplier of all organic tortilla chips and related corn based snack items. We have 2 manufacturing plants- San Jose, Ca. and Tampa, Florida. We supply all facets of the food industry, retail, food service and private label. HAACP, British Soil Association certified, QAI certified, OU Kosher. Memebr of the O.T.A.

Seasons' Enterprises Ltd.   Write a Review

It’s the best of both worlds – savory, delicious snacks, without the guilt. For over 15 years, Seasons’ Enterprises Ltd. has offered a line of gourmet snack foods that not only meet the country’s growing demand for healthier, organic foods but also take taste and quality to new, enticing levels.

Sharkies   StarStarStarStarStar   Write a Review

Sharkies is a Certified Organic energy fruit chew. It is available in three flavors, fruit splash, berry berry and citrus squeez.

Sjaak's Organic Chocolate   Write a Review

Sjaak's create gourmet organic and fair trade chocolates. Sjaak's offers chocolate bars, gift boxes, Holiday items and many vegan products.

Skeet & Ike's   StarStarStarStarStar   Write a Review

Skeet & Ike’s manufactures 25 different organic and all natural snacks sold through natural food, mass market grocery, and produce stores.

Sweet Debbie's Organic Cupcakes   StarStarStarStarStar   Read Reviews (1)   Write a Review

Sweet Debbie's makes organic cupcakes, cookies, brownies, cheesecakes, and muffins using no refined sugars, hydrogenated oils or trans fatty acids. Their goal is to bake the most delicious and nutritious goodies so you can pamper your palette while enjoying the health benefits of all their products.

The Great Western Tortilla Company   Write a Review

The Great Western Tortilla Company was founded in 1980. Since the company was formed, it has kept pace with the customer's and consumer's demands by offering the most up-to-date packaging plus most popular and unique flavors.

The WholeFood Farmacy   Write a Review

The Wholefood Farmacy makes eating healthy easy, convenient and affordable. We offer pure, nutrient-dense, ready-to-eat, whole food meals, snacks, soups, smoothie mixes and treats for the children. All of our foods are vegetarian, most are raw and vegan as well. And now our Phi Plus, Cranberry Phi, and Coco Cherry Phi are USDA Organic certified. We also offer many gluten-free and nut-free whole food choices for those with food sensitivities - see our FAQ section for more information.

Whale Tails Tortilla Chips   Write a Review

ECO Friendly Snack for EarthDay and Everyday Whale Tails Tortilla Chips. Whale Tail chips are made with organic, non-GMO corn and are shaped like a whale tail! For fun and for dipping, this design will make you smile.

yaya's RAW Rah   Write a Review

Organic, living (raw), vegan krackers - a seriously delicious snack!

Yum Yum Snacks   StarStarStarStarStar   Read Reviews (1)   Write a Review

Yum Yum Snacks is a website that sells natural and organic foods for children, with an emphasis on healthier snacks. Offered are a wide variety of cereals, cookies, crackers, fruit snacks, baking ingredients and snacks for on the go.

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