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Vuori Organic Sustainable Tees -

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Vuori Ribbon Theory is the core of our company’s manifesto. Vuori means “mountain” in Finnish. To us, it represents the view from the summit—clear, all-encompassing, and awe-inspiring. We compare the environmental and social heroes of our time to the mountaineers who, throughout history, have pushed through tremendous adversity to follow their dream and fulfill their vision, sometimes risking everything to stake a simple flag in the ground—the humble, but profound, symbol of their success. At Vuori, we want to honor the individuals and organizations that are out on the front lines, doing the work, by providing a platform that celebrates their efforts and accomplishments, while raising public awareness. We have chosen to use ribbons to honor their journey and the inspiring, life-altering contributions they have made to our world. Ribbons themselves are insignificant, but like the flags on the summit, they represent greatness.

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