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My Heart Beats Green -

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My Heart Beats Green designs and manufactures organic cotton clothing for babies, children, men and women that have been made under the principles of responsible sustainability – organic clothes with an environmental and social conscience. Every person makes a footprint on our planet by the choices we make. If we choose organic products we make a smaller footprint and minimize the impact we personally have on the health and future of our planet and people. Some reasons to buy organic cotton include: • The clothing industry impacts on the planet in each step of the lifecycle from the growing of fibres; manufacturing; distribution; cleaning; and when clothes are discarded. • Conventional cotton is sprayed with harmful pesticides, fungicides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers. These chemicals contaminate the air, soil and water. • Exposure to these chemicals causes health problems for people, wildlife and our planet. • Non-organic cotton can be finished off with formaldehydes, flame proofing or moth proofing. These chemicals remain in clothing long after they are bought, which means that consumers are exposing their skins to these chemicals. Baby’s skin is more sensitive to and more readily absorbs the chemicals in non-organic cotton – which can cause dermatitis and eczema. • Organic cotton is grown and manufactured without chemicals. Organic cotton is much safer. • Organic cotton is just as good as non-organic cotton in terms of look, feel, durability and value for money. Our clothing range is made in Australia. This creates jobs for people in our community and reduces the carbon footprint of our clothes.

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