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Mountain View Market: Las Cruces, NM   Write a Review

[Co-ops & Grocery Stores] Updated: 2012-08-24
Mountain View market is located in Las Cruces, New Mexico, just 40 miles from the Mexican border, in the Mesilla Valley. Our community benefits from a rich cultural history, sunshine virtually every day of the year, amazing views of the dramatic Organ Mountains, and an active agricultural heritage fed by the Rio Grande River. In 1975 on the New Mexico State University campus, a group of students decided to pool their resources and create a buying club in order to purchase whole foods at bulk prices. Very soon the operation became so large that it was more practical to open a store. A little building (originally a house) on Foster Street in Las Cruces became home to Organ Mountain Co-op. The store has always been open to the public. Our co-op has also gone through many name changes since 1975, from Organ Mountain Co-operative, to Co-op market, to Mountain View market. Most everyone in our community just call us “the co-op.” Today, our cooperative is run mostly by paid staff, but there is a renewed commitment to return to core co-op values. Member workers are involved more at the co-op as well as local farmers and artisans who are able to sell their wares to their community members. We are proud that our store also serves as an informal gathering place for many people seeking to build strong community in our area.

Farmer Organic Foods   StarStarStarStarStar   Write a Review

[Food] Updated: 2003-09-21
Our farm families, the majority of which are of the Amish or Mennonite faiths, are determined to remain part of, and work with, the land; and with faith and trust in our Creator, to grow crops or animals of high quality, free of chemical and genetic pollution.

Green Fields Market: Greenfield, MA   Write a Review

[Co-ops & Grocery Stores] Updated: 2012-08-23
Franklin Community Cooperative (Green Fields market) is a natural foods supermarket owned by Franklin Community Cooperative. Formed as a buying club in 1976, the co-op has grown to become an anchor store in our downtown, offering our community a wide variety of goods and services. We are proud of our “from scratch” bakery and deli with its busy full service counter and grab-and-go cases. The Pioneer Valley also has many small food producers and farmers, and on our shelves you will find an enticing selection of locally grown and produced products. Green Fields market plays an active role in the community. We have been a consistently strong voice in town planning, working for pedestrian-friendly streetscapes, alternative transportation, and education on food issues. We use our large meeting room for workshops, staff education and to cater events. We are known and appreciated as a gathering place for many occasions! We have been at our Main Street location since 1993 and we’ve seen many changes in Greenfield. What hasn’t changed is our continual effort to foster the sustainable development of our community and the co-op’s mission: to meet our members’ needs by providing quality goods that promote health and help build a sustainable local economy.
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[Reference] Updated: 0000-00-00 is a comprehensive web site whose mission is to educate individuals and families about the benefits of organic food and lifestyle. offers the latest in relevant news and articles, a forum for the organic community to exchange ideas and share thoughts, a Just for Kids section where children can learn healthy eating habits, and an extensive recipe database complete with nutritional information. Organic resources include links, Ask Laura (an advice column dedicated to organic food and thought), organic FAQs, and an organic store and farmers' market locator.

Lexington Cooperative Market: Buffalo, NY   Write a Review

[Co-ops & Grocery Stores] Updated: 2012-08-24
Lexington Co-operative market is a consumer owned natural food grocery store right in the heart of the Elmwood Village. Open to everyone, we offer a wide variety of high quality, delicious natural groceries. With bountiful bins of colorful fruit and vegetables, we feature the freshest local and organic produce with an abundance of variety. Our produce department shines like a just picked Dan Tower apple all year round. Our talented chefs in Lexi’s Kitchen constantly develop innovative and delicious recipes featuring fresh, quality ingredients. From scrumptious sandwiches to full meals, our salad bar and hot bar offer a variety to choose from, whether you need a quick snack or dinner for your entire family. Bulk Crunchy granola? You bet! We also have a wide variety of the highest quality fruits, nuts, grains, herbs, teas and more. Save on packaging and buy as much as you need! Fresh Meat & Seafood Check out our fresh meat and seafood case, showcasing the finest local pasture raised beef, wild salmon, free range chickens, nitrite free deli meats and more. Local Foods and Products Produce, pasta, tofu, tea, soaps and more! Being a locally grown business allows us to support the many farms and producers from the region. Our store was started 35 years ago by people who wanted whole grains and local produce–foods that were hard to find in conventional grocery stores at the time. Like-minded consumers across the country started co-ops like ours, and these consumers were the founders of the now exploding organic and natural food industry. At the Lexington Co-operative market, we now have over $5 million in annual sales, more than 3,500 owners and a brand new store on Elmwood. In the past two years we have returned over $2.5 million to the local economy, supporting nearly 100 farmers and food producers in the area. You don’t have to be an owner to shop! Everyone is welcome, everyday of the week. Stop in for a quick lunch or stay a while and do your weekly shop. Ample parking for cars and bikes, conveniently located on a bus line in the heart of the Elmwood Village. Ten Reasons to Shop at the Lexington Co-op 1. Our mission to serve the community by providing a natural foods grocery store in a friendly environment. 2. We specialize in high quality homegrown and organic produce. 3. Fresh bread baked daily in Lexi’s Kitchen on site and delivered from local bakeries. 4. Organic and rBGH free milks, cheeses and yogurts. 5. 2¢ board for product requests, suggestions, and questions about policies and procedures. 6. Bulk products to help you live more simply. 7. At least 40¢ of every dollar you spend returns to the Buffalo Niagara economy. 8. Special order anything in our catalogues at volume discounted prices! 9. Hand made, chemical and cruelty-free soaps and beauty aids. 10. Support a business that is owned by over 3,500 people from your neighborhood.

Organic Processing   StarStarStarStarStar   Write a Review

[Publications] Updated: 2008-02-26
Organic Processing Magazine is the first and only business-to-business publication for the organic food, fiber and personal care industries. Organic Processing provides expert insights and shares practical proven strategies to help the industry successfully manage operations and systems to meet the challenges of this expanding market.

The Renegade Farmer   Write a Review

[Blogs] Updated: 2012-08-17
An old-fashioned way of life meets up with new technology that connects folks once isolated by geography in “The Renegade Farmer”, a communal creation of a crop of contributors who range from the poster with the heart of a farmer, even if the farm is just a backyard plot, to the farm family ready to downsize a thriving operation that outgrew their desire for a simpler, sustainable life.

SK Food International   StarStarStarStarStar   Write a Review

[Importers & Exporters] Updated: 2008-04-08
SK Food has been a reputable import/export trading company and domestic bulk ingredient supplier since 1990. SK Food supplies a full line of Certified Organic and Conventional Non GMO food and feed ingredients to a worldwide market.

COMEX Consulting   StarStarStarStarStar   Write a Review

[Consultants] Updated: 2004-01-15
Mediterranean based Consultants and Sourcing Agents for European businesses interested in introducing their products abroad or American firms desiring to enter the lucrative European market. How can we help you grow? Food Industry Consultant team of Americans and Europeans. Specialists in the Mediterranean region with rolodex full of contacts – Manufacturers, Brokers, Importers, Exporters, Distributors, Governmental, etc. We specialize in and actively seek collaborations with innovative companies and products such as Organic foods and wines. The benefits derived from the consumption of such products are not only found in the human body and our environment but in the healthy bottom lines resulting from responsible business practices. These products have converted themselves into responsible alternatives for consumers and focused international marketers.

Certified Naturally Grown   Write a Review

[Associations & Organizations] Updated: 2012-08-07
Certified Naturally Grown is a Grassroots Alternative to the USDA's National Organic Program meant primarily for small farmers distributing through local channels - farmer's markets, roadside stands, local restaurants, community supported agriculture (CSA) programs and small local grocery stores - the farmers that make up your local landscape!

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